Letter to Lou – From William H. Fuggh

Dear Mr. Piss,
Many thanks for opening your preeminent commentary to subscription. I have a matter most pressing on my mind and find myself at the top of my rope.
My current professiation leaves me entirely unsatiated and significantly disdressed; I’ve come to dread my mornings.
However, I am unable to come up with a pliable alternative and am leaking hope most precipitously. What would you commend in this situation?
Thank you for your consideration and attenuation! I sincerely validate your input and hold it highly under regard.
Very duly yours,

William H. Fuggh

Mr. Fuggh,

You are not alone when it comes to hating your job. Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Well Piss says, “shuta da fucka uppa.” How about choose my ass and you can eat it? Write that on quotes dot com in front of a serine picture of a tree.

Work sucks and then we die, but hopefully we eat a really nice sandwich or take a bath somewhere in between those two steps. I hate my job and the only thing I do to make a living is write this blog and also inherent $6.7 billion from my parents after they passed away. I chose a job that I love and still, every other week for one day, I work and write a blog that seven people will look at; and that’s only because they are my close personal friends and feel obligated. My suggestion to you? Spiral your life out of control, find God and fix it, use your story to grift loads of cash off of other people desperate for answers like the founding fathers wanted. Until then, keep reading The Piss List and giving me 0.000000000000003 cents for every click I get. In 250 years I’ll have enough for a soda pop… And I hope you are there to drink it with me.


Lou Piss